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  1. I would buy it again review by Audrey on 10/6/2019

    Everyday use

  2. Excellent review by Sauber on 10/5/2019

    A great date fragrance. Don't overlook this cologne. Great smell, and as always wth Versace many different size options and great value.

  3. I wouldn't buy it again review by Maha on 10/5/2019

    It's very good but after smelling it so much it gets boring

  4. Simply wonderful review by Elena on 9/29/2019

    All Versace's fragrances are clean smelling, vibrant.

  5. Absolute fire review by blacknigger25 on 9/18/2019

    This cologne is an absolute compliment monster it is so unreal

  6. I would buy this product over and over review by Nicko on 9/17/2019

    3 sprays and I'm good too go great compliment magnet

  7. Love it! review by Kathy on 9/16/2019

    Wasnt sure about this one at first but after giving it a second try i really began to like this one. Lasts for a long time and smells great! Will definitely reccomend for purchase

  8. EROS review by Juelz on 9/13/2019

    Best Versace Perfumes I have used thus far.
    Loads of compliments and the best fragrance for a date night.

  9. Good review by Afaaf on 9/6/2019

    The end of the fragrance is beautiful

  10. My new favourite fragrance review by Cool ghost on 9/2/2019

    it's a very nice fragrance that's not overpowering doesn't take people's breath away if they're close to you. I wear it all the time day or night and gets lots of compliments

Items 21 to 30 of 391 total

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